Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Of paradoxes and art

Life is a juxtaposition of various paradoxes. Today we discuss one.
Any form of art should be a free expression of creativity on other hand we also talk social responsibility of an artist.
We can not rule out political content in Kundera’s work, James bond movies…
We can not rule out debate that was generated by the frontal nudity of Sekhar Kapur’s movie Pholan Devi.
Same is the case with discussion of uses of metaphors, absurdism or even the definition of things like postmodernism.
The consensus: Self censorship or to have a self defined line of control while expressing themselves.
But this vague line is different for each and every individual, so the argument continues.
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The beginning of AARHI: The Archetype


What is perfect?
Dictionary says : it is an :
Adjective meaning
  • Complete:not deficient.
  • Faultless.
  • Very enjoyable, excellent (perfect evening).
  • Exact, precise (perfect circle).
    Or a


  • Make perfect.
  • Complete.

    Every one of us wants perfection even though we know nothing is perfect.
    Why don’t we reconcile with our present being?
    May be because we all want things to change for better
    So even though we can never attain exactness we can always continue our journey to it with the mantra:

an ascent to perfection.

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Is Cinema a dying art?

Not so long ago do you remember the time of

  • Letterhead printing press?
  • Roll camera with emphasis on composition of the frame?
  • Music studios many acoustic recorded at the same time
  • and the time,we listening to it in a cassette player.

Cinema too has changed over the years. & with multiplexes, Internets and the fast life we are living our vision and yearn for cinema as an art form has changed drastically.

The good ol’days:

Friday morning, first day first show

The long Q’s

Das ka bees, das ka bees’

The disappointed faces of those who couldn’t be through

Pupillary darkness waiting for the light man to show up

Is it al over?

Et tu Cinema?

Or days of cinema-paradiso set to enact a phoenix all over again and re-emerge in a new avatar from today’s remains?

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